A project by Bauhaus Agenten/Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau and Hugo Junkers Grundschule Kühnau

During the last four months of the project TatSachen! I guided a group of children, together with teachers and other educators, developing their own temporary and interactive museum, a museum by children for children. 24 children from grade 1 to 4 of a primary school visited several museums within one year and developed ideas for their own exhibition, what they experienced in mind: How do you exhibit objects? What is the purpose of a museum? How should a museum be that is interesting for children?

In three groups, the children worked with textiles, digital designs and architecture and created objects to visualize their ideas regarding the city of the future, the topic they chose for their exhibition. The result was a museum that asks for contribution and further development by all visitors. In the children’s museum TatSachen! everyone is an expert and invited to participate.

The Children’s Museum TatSachen! was designed to show what children expect from a museum. The child-friendly exhibition can therefore serve as an inspiration for the future Bauhaus Museum in Dessau.


Collaborators: children and teachers from Hugo Junkers Grundschule Kühnau, Silke Wallstein/Bauhaus Agenten, Ursula Achternkamp and Hilmar Prüß

Photos: Doreen Ritzau/Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau