„sleeping with the silence of the art“



Collaboration with Dasha Tsapenko and Jiayu Wu, LUMA Foundation Arles, Le Magasin de Jouets & ENSP – Diane Moulenc, Livia Melzi, Lola Ertel, Rachel Woodson, Matt Frenot and Anfredo Coloma 

„Sleeping with the silence of the art“ was one thought of Laetitia Talbot (l’espace pour art, Arles) regarding the project. The main idea of the project was to enable sleeping or having a nap in an exhibition space. This installation is one of the outcomes of the group project. The installation offers the visitors of an exhibition the possibility to relax, watch the space and the art works from an unusual perspective and reflect on the exhibition they have just visited.

During the realization of our project in Arles a group of students of the ENSP were planning their group exhibition at the gallery Le Magazine de Jouets. There was the chance to research on sleeping in an exhibition space and to exchange thoughts on how to combine the two. Kevin – fish and art piece of Lola, one of the ENSP students – was borrowed to be part of the installation at the LUMA campus before being shown at Le Magasin de Jouets.



Design Academy Eindhoven

Photos: Yen-An Chen