Post-Labouratory meets …



… A/D/O, DAAD, Mein Grundeinkommen e.V., ENTER Festival BXL, Science Gallery Lab Detroit, Z33, Institute of Design Research Vienna and more to come.

In order to open up the project Post-Labouratory to a bigger audience together with the above mentioned partners temporary Post-Labouratory offices where developed. In different office or workshop settings participants could automate their own labour conceptually. Individual or group discussions were lead by questions that give a guidance through the creative thinking process. The consultations start with asking „What do you do?“ that is in most of the cases one of the first questions in a small talk conversation and shows how important our working situation is for defining our identity and role in society. After questions like „What do you like to do after working hours?“, „What if a robot could do your job?“ and „What would you teach the robot about your job?“, the questions „How would the automation of your labour look like?“ and „What would you do if you didn’t have to work anymore?“ are giving the opportunity to imagine the possibilities and difficulties of a post-labour future.


Photos: From Labour to Work РIDRV meets Post-Labouratory, by Kollektiv Fischka for Vienna Design Week 2018

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