Motel win-win



Collaboration with Anastasia Eggers

Motel win-win is an experimental platform that speculates on how the model of skill exchange can influence the future of hospitality and reflects on how short-time visitors could contribute to the cultural identity of places.

The one-room motel is located above the paper trash storage at the Temporary Art Centre in Eindhoven. It serves as an accommodation to its guests and is an event platform which the current guests use to co-create the cultural program of the city by sharing their skills, experience and opinions in exchange for their stay. 

If you want to contribute to Motel win-win by supporting it as a local buddy for the guests or if you want to become one of our guests yourself (or nominate somebody as a guest), contact us at or check

since 2019

Supported by the Temporary Art Centre Eindhoven and Cultuur Eindhoven

Continuation of Motel win-win @DDW