Motel win-win @DDW



Collaboration with Anastasia Eggers

Motel win-win is an experimental platform that speculates on how the model of skill exchange could influence the future of hospitality and reflects on how short-time visitors could contribute to the cultural identity of places.

For the period of the Dutch Design Week Motel win-win served as an accommodation to our guests during the night and was transformed into an event platform during the day which the guests of the day used to co-create the program by sharing their skills, experience and opinions in exchange for a one night stay. 

The guests of Motel win-win were Eliott Herbert-Byrnes with meditations on how to listen, Vivien Tauchmann with a Self-as-Other-TrainingMaxie Jost with a hip hop typewriting session, Daniel Wessolek providing suspicious problem soldering, the group Grandma Came to Work with a creative embroidery workshop, Juhee Hahm and Luke George Hardy Rideout collectively building self-surveillance devices and Tugce Karatas, Camilo Oliveira and Amandine David with tea conversations on the influence of local design on global design movements. 

There were as well contributions more related to the concept of Motel win-win triggering a discourse on tourism and hospitality by our guests Silvia Susanna and Alessandro Fonte with a discussion about their project BIO50}hotel and the museum as a participatory platform and Lua Vollaard with a talk on the bed about Lawrence Lek’s project Nøtel and the Future of Hospitality.

Motel win-win was realized with the support of the team of the Temporary Art Centre in Eindhoven, where it also took place during the Dutch Design Week 2018.

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