Inside Out @forecast


Collaboration with Anais Borie and Aram Lee

Continuation of the project Zuiderzeemuseum – Inside Out

Inside Out mediates between artefacts in depots of design-related museums and the outside reality. Objects that usually wait in the darkness of storage facilities are taken out into the contemporary context. Like this new stories are told and brought back to the museum forming a new archive. For the special day of each individual object an activity and a secure and story-related way to carry the object physically out of the safe environment of the museum to a specific destination is designed, according to the character of each museum. 

In May 2018 we participated with Inside Out in the Forecast Forum at HKW, Berlin and created three small, partly fictional actions for the Bröhanmuseum, Museum der Dinge and Kunstgewerbemuseum in Berlin. All actions were speculative and experimental and couldn’t be carried out in the same way as public events or with other objects of the collections.



Dealing with the collection of the Kunstgewerbemuseum we concentrated on past and future production. Therefore the selected object was taken out of the museum and brought to a body 3d scanner. The digital version of the object is spread online, consists of all necessary information about the production of the object and will deliver this knowledge to future craftsmen to enable endless future re-production, re-interpretation of ancient skills and sharing of know-how.



In order to create a tension between the public (original private) collection of Bröhanmuseum and private and intimate space of an individual we offered the possibility to host one (fictional) artefact of the museum’s collection at one’s home for one day. Therefore we spread “Looking for host”-posters throughout the city. We were curious to see who would react and be up to host a museum’s object, how the host would carry the object, prepare the home for the special guest and take care of the object.


Museum der Dinge

We related the chosen object to its original cultural context, origin story and today’s visible relicts of this history to react on one focus of the collection of the Museum der Dinge related to German (product) culture. We brought the object – a yellow ring from Istanbul with very little information – to different spots in the area of Kreuzberg, tried to discover new stories for this unknown object and took pictures of the object and the contemporary surrounding telling different stories related to Turkish migration in Germany and Turkish-German culture today.


part of Invasive Design/Tulga Beyerle at Forecast Forum, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Thanks to Claudia Banz (Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin) for collaboration and to Museum der Dinge and Bröhanmuseum for showing us around and allowing us to film in their building.