Grasp Design

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How do blind people judge design? What is aesthetic? What is functional? Is the influence of the physical impairment of blind people stronger than visual socialization and personal taste? Where in everyday life exists potential for design? Do we live in a world of visual overstimulation? What can we learn from one another? Shouldn’t we develop more products that work better for everyone – seeing and blind people? Those were the questions behind this project that were to be discussed in workshops.

To start a discussion about design workshops for a group of 6 blind people were developed. Every meeting tasks that they could treat intuitively were set. The topics were for example synaesthesia, contrast of materials and functionality. The approach of the participants, the outcome of the workshops and the discussion within the group showed no specific view on design by blind people. Surprisingly, visual aspects are very important. The reason for this might be a visual socialization and an environment that is orientated on a seeing society.

Grasp Design was funded through Kreativfonds, a project funding by the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.


Bauhaus-Universität Weimar