From Labour to Work – Post-Labouratory

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Research of Post-Labouratory

Labour means everything to us. It is so deeply embedded in our culture that it seems dangerous to question it. At the same time, we are facing a rapid automation of labour that forces us to re-think the common purpose, value and social organisation of labour. It allows us to create a transition from labour to work, from an activity we mainly sell in order to satisfy our basic needs in terms of food and shelter towards an activity we deliberately choose for benefits such as social interaction, participation and self-development. The main challenge of this transition is to overcome our poverty of desire. We must discover what we would like to do with our free time if we no longer had to work in order to satisfy our basic needs.

Liberate from labour, free to work! My research aims to explore the transformation of labour. I am interested in the progress of automation, its foreseen impact on society and the chance to turn it into an opportunity for cultural change. Why is the abolition of labour desirable and how could it allow us to overcome existing power structures and the alienation of labour, our day-to-day activity? Let’s explore a post-labour future, the tools to generate the said transition, and possible responses to the emerging cultural and social difficulties.


Design Academy Eindhoven