Dream Factory



Collaboration with Aram Lee and Anais Borie

Dream Factory was a performance in a small factory set up. We put ourselves for 36 hours into the position of workers in a production line of candles as souvenirs. While two of us were producing one was sleeping, every 6 hours we changed our position. Our performance followed a set of rules that served alone the production output. A video livestream and the people watching us controlled and maintained our efficiency and duty to obey. Our goal was to produce the amount of 2160 candles. This was supposed to force us to follow the cadence of one candle per 2.5 minutes. We managed to produce 216 candles in the same time. The performance transformed our factory into a big vending machine that sold our candles. The candles have the shapes of our busts, by using the candle you burn the worker. Through this act we question our own practice, the relationship between production and consumers and today’s mass production.

The live performance took place during the Dutch Design Week 2016 at the Vertical Gallery at Plug in City, Strijp-S, Eindhoven.




Photos: Donghwan Kam