Cow on Tour

Collaboration with Anastasia Eggers

Cow on Tour transforms the cow into a self-sufficient machine for milk production. Methane gas collected from a cow is used as a fuel to power the milking machine.
The system allows the animals to move independently in green spaces of a city and provides an online service that makes it possible for the user to easily locate a cow of their choice and collect milk from her.
Cow on Tour brings the milk back to the people.


With a special thanks to Wilma Makkink and Erik Meijer

Voice: Megan Dinius

Video references:
Racing Extinction 2015 by Louie Psihoyos
32:44 – 32:52 min

Stella the Cow first day on a Milking Robot
3:26 – 3:30 min

Social Design, Design Academy Eindhoven

Tutor: Eric Klarenbeek