Amuse-Gueule – blind tasting

In the project Amuse-Gueule – blind tasting three objects were designed that support the conviviality at a table and enhance the perception of food, whether one is blind or not. The porcelain bowls contain a hole on the side that is covered by a thin silicon membrane. Thus one can sense the texture and temperature of the dish through the membrane. The scented cutlery excites the senses with fragrances.  The scents stimulate the appetite and create a sensual addition to the dish. The glasses that are adorned with a bell support an equal and interactive way to raise one’s glass. By ringing the bell the glass begins to vibrate.

Amuse-Gueule – blind tasting was nominated for the Newcomer Innovationspreis Altenpflege 2015.

10/2015 »Free Food«, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven/Netherlands
07/2015 »Super Sale«, Weimar/Germany

04/2015 »Can you spell Bauhaus?«, Salone Satellite 2015, Milan Design Week, Milan/Italy
03/2015 Aveneo Sonderschau, Altenpflegemesse, Nürnberg/Germany


Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

photos: Alexia Manzano Schlamp


Video: Marco Schlütter
Music: AHR – Martin Kohlstedt