3 m2



Collaboration with Katharina Bergmann

In a lot of apartments you can find a cubby as storage space. It is filled with things that are neither ready to be thrown away nor used or really required. The room we played on was such a junk room of 3 m2 size. This long, narrow hosepipe was filled over the years until entering was not possible anymore. The rising rents and the shortage of housing in Weimar gave occasion to rethink this non-space and to treat it like a valuable room. This transformation should inspire exemplarily to unresolved housing problems in a time of high rents and few space for a lot of residents of big cities.

A 3 m2 small cubby – 93 cm broad, 340 cm long, 339 cm high –, formerly a restroom, was reconstructed into a habitable room. Guests and commuters who are in the city only for a short time and enjoy the flair of a student community can live in this room. A resident has the possibility to work at the desk, to sleep, to store his belongings and to reside. Through climbing and turning down one can find different positions and perspectives within this room. Despite its limited size the room offers o lot of possibilities. zimmer copy


Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

photos: Niclas Zimmer/Katharina Bergmann